Monday, July 20, 2009

New Product! Frequent Renters Cards!

Here at Sweet Greetings we have all kinds of new things up our sleeves! Every few days I will be introducing some of the new products we have available to our sign-business customers.

Frequent Renters Cards!

You wont want your customers to simply rent one sign and then move on to other gifts for future birthdays, new births and other occasions. Let them know how much you appreciate their continued business. Our Frequent Renters Cards will feature your business name, web address and phone number as well as your choice of discount (we recommend Buy 4, Get One Free - which equals 20% off for your valued customers).

This is the perfect item to give to your customers who rent signs from you as well as your customers who receives signs as gifts.

Take advantage of our 'New Product' discount.
Purchase an order of Frequent Renters Cards by August 21, 2009 and take
$10 off your order!

250 cards - $65 (reg. $75)
500 cards - $75 (reg. $85)
1000 cards - $85 (reg. $95)
1500 cards - $100 (reg. $110)

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