Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello to all my readers. As you all know, I am the owner of Sweet Greetings and I dedicate a huge chunk of my life to renting lawn signs and helping others start their own business. What many of you don't know is that I am a mom to 3 young boys - one of which has a severe social anxiety disordered called Selective Mutism (SM). Children with SM are normal, smart, outgoing kids at home, but when they leave the safety of their home they go mute. They are silent, they do not make eye contact and they go blank-faced. My son is 7 years old and has never once spoken to any of the other children at school (not in preschool, kindergarten, first or second grade). He speaks non-stop at home, but goes mute in most other settings. 7/1000 children have SM (it's just as common as Autism) and yet there is not very much awareness about it. That's when I decided to take on another major project in my life....

I am proud to announce that I have officially published my first printed book!!

"Why Dylan Doesn't Talk"
A Real-Life Look at Selective Mutism Through the Eyes of a Child
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It'll be a few weeks before it shows up on amazon, barnes n noble, borders etc... but it's currently available on the lulu website (link above).

Anyway, I am super excited! After months and months, lots of work and many long nights, my children's book about SM has finally come together. Yippie!

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