Monday, February 14, 2011


The Sweet Greetings illustrations are loved by old and young alike! As soon as I saw the Sweet Greetings designs, I knew I wanted to do business with them.

Karri Hopson-Pape
A Sign to Celebrate


"First, let me tell you I LOVE the signs!!! We unpacked them last Friday and I was very happy with the quality. They look even better than I imagined."

Action Attraction
Tallahassee, Fl


Thank you Sweet Greetings and Thank you Carrie for the opportunity to acquire our own business. I am so glad that I found you.

It was March 2008 when I had an idea. My daughter had given birth to twins in October after already having had two other girls. We searched high and low for a stork and settled for one that we were just happy with but not ecstatic. I then thought about providing this service myself. I wanted someone that rented our storks to say "wow". That is when I researched on the internet and came across your business -Sweet Greetings. What can I say --YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! You set us on the right track and gave us all the right info. Your storks are a breath of fresh air. Everybody loves them. They bring a smile to all that see them. The business is a happy one. We are growing little by little and enjoying every minute of it. I am hoping to be a stay at home Grandma some day with a thriving business and now that might not be just a dream. I'll let you know.

Once again --THANK YOU CARRIE of Sweet Greetings""

Janet Lewin & Ferdinando Musico
J& N Storkworld Inc.
Staten Island, NY


I am a single mother with 3 children. I have 2 jobs, but like many others I still needed extra income. The hard part was finding time to fit another job into my already busy schedule. After brainstorming for ideas, I realized that stork rentals was a business that my area was in need of. Browsing through the Internet one day , I came across the Sweet Greetings web site. I was so excited, because they had the type of storks that I was looking for...unique,whimsical, and well made. Recently my business has really taken off. My customers say that they have found me due to the web site that Carrie created for me. Each one has also been very satisfied and impressed with with the style and size of the storks!

Rose Krzyzanowski
For Your Occasion

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