Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tip of the month!

Marketing Tip: Networking with local businesses

Lawn signs are not only perfect for placing in someones front yard on their special day, but they also make terrific gifts for employers, their staff and coworkers!

1. Ask friends and family to hand out your marketing information to their coworkers (as long as it's permitted) or simply place your marketing materials in the office lunchroom or on office bulletin boards. Include a special coupon!

2. Offer discounts to customers who rent signs to be placed outside their office or business. Not only will they love having a discount and surprising their coworkers, but having your sign placed on commercial property is great advertising for your business.

3. Work directly with the company. We have several companies that use Sweet Greetings as their main source of gifts for their employees. When a staff member has a special occasion (new baby, birthday, wedding...) the company purchases a sign rental for their employee. Sometimes they have it delivered to the employees home and sometimes they have it placed outside the business itself. Either way, helping employers celebrate their staff builds great business relationships. It feels good to receive a personalized sign and feels extra good coming from an employer who appreciates their employees. Signs also make great gifts for the boss! Don't forget Boss's day and his/her birthday!

4. Offer your signs for local business promotions: grand openings, sales, store events and more!

5. Network with local party planners and party entertainers (clowns, fairy's, magicians...).

6. Work with local real estate agents (many agents offer the new homeowners a gift). Not only is it awesome to see the 'SOLD' sign in front of the home you just purchased, but seeing a beautiful lawn display saying 'Welcome HOME' is an added bonus for the homeowner as well as the agent... and you!

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