Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome to Sweet Greetings!

Welcome! My name is Carrie Bryson. I am a work at home mom raising 3 little boys, a wife to a wonderful husband, and the founder and owner of Sweet Greetings, Inc.

I've started this blog to tell the world all about lawn greetings and how to run a lawn greeting business. A few days a week I will be updating the blog with fun stories, valuable business tips, great marketing ideas and more! Often times when people call me to inquire about our lawn greetings, I have a habit of rambling on and on. The reason I do so is because I love what I do!

Sweet Greetings is an all-occasion lawn greetings rental business. We rent personalized lawn stork birth announcements and other yard cards for birthday's, weddings, graduations, baby showers and more! We deliver locally in Central PA as well as sell business opportunities all across the US (and beyond!). We currently have over 60 business partners who have purchased our business opportunities so that they can help announce special occasions in their area. View map

One of the many things we offer are storks. Renting 7 foot personalized lawn storks and helping new parents announce the birth of their new baby is awesome! There are very few businesses in the world where all your customers are happy. They are experiencing one of the most wonderful moments of their lives... and you get to be part of it! If our customer is looking for something other than a stork, we also offer a pea pod and a Noah's ark birth announcement. A year later those babies turn 1 and the same proud parents call us to deliver a beautiful, whimsical yard card for their little ones first birthday. What little girl wouldn't love a colorful fairy princess with her name on it! And since I have 3 little boys, I know that tractors and trains are right up their alley. Then next thing you know, our customers friends and family are calling for birthday signs for adults and weddings and all kinds of wonderful, special moments.

Looking for a unique gift? Rent a personalized lawn sign or personalized candy bars & Hershey kisses (yes, we have those too)! I doubt there are too many women out there who can remember every single time they've received flowers... yet they will forever remember a lawn greeting and will talk about it for years to come! Yard Cards are a wonderful alternative or compliment to ordering flowers. And it's not just women and children who love lawn greetings, men like to feel special too. We've included such signs as our "Holy Mackerel" to proudly announce the grand moments in your special guys life (birthday, job promotion, retirement...) Our graduation sign is perfect for graduates of any age: preschool graduation, high school, college, trade school, nursing school, college and grad school.

When our customers purchase a business opportunity from us, we don't just sell them signs and say "See ya later!" I personally guide them through the process by answering questions via email and phone (and sometimes I get lucky enough to meet them in person!) I get so excited when my customers contact me and tell me about their first rental or a record-breaking month.

Please check back often! My goal is to fill this blog up with awesome info about the biz and share with everyone the joy that comes with owning a lawn greeting rental business.

Thanks for stopping by!
:) Carrie

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