Saturday, August 8, 2009

Inexpensive way to market your biz!

I often have booths at baby and children expos advertising my business. Most of the booths have some sort of goody that they give away (custom magnets, pens, cups etc.) . These goodies can get very expensive when you have a few thousand people passing your booth. A good friend of mine who owns showed me a wonderful inexpensive item to give away at expos or to include in a goody bag to give your customers.

Simply purchase a bag of wooden clothes pins, design and print out custom labels, apply them to the clothes pins and if you'd like, add a magnet to the back! Ta-da... an awesome custom 'chip clip' and/or magnet! Customers can seal a bag of chips with it or hang it on their fridge! You can either print the label out on regular paper and attach it with a glue stick or you can print the labels on sticker paper for easier application. A great, unique, inexpensive item to promote your business!

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